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We have to put global warming (not climate change) into perspective in an an easily digestible format. Please don’t confuse the two. Lets make one thing clear, global warming is not a partisan political issue as it effects every human on earth despite our boarders or socioeconomic backgrounds. If your rolling your eyes this is especially for you, please, take just a moment, as little common sense goes a long way. The earth only has one heat source, the sun. NASA and other scientific communities have been comparing solar activity to earths temperatures for centuries. Since the onset of industrial times in the 18th century, human activities have raised atmospheric CO2 by 50% – meaning the amount of CO2 is now 150% of its value in 1750, and in mid-1978 heat retention (Globl warming) went into a runaway situation – NASA

We know within a doubt how to restore our climate to a manageable state, starting right now! But this seemingly unachievable task can only be accomplished by you and I, not them, (governments and large corporations) as green-washing and corruption is just to common and profitable a practice. We need to organize (www.bluespheresocial) as humanity to accomplish a livable future for our children and future generations.

Our philosophy is a three step process. Firstly you need to consider if you are willing to do your part. This is something you really need to ponder, and be truthful with yourself about. If you are willing to do your part please please proceed.

The second step is to join our social media network www.bluespheresocial.com which is like and other social media platform where you can share photos and videos with friends, family, and join/create the social groups of your choice. The only difference is we do not sell or share your personal information in any way.  BlueSphere Social is a socially responsible, non-polarized platform where fake news, trolls, and aggressive behavior is not tolerated as you, the community, has the right to moderation. To put it in perspective bluesphere social is a democratic social media platform, with the underlying goal of reducing green house gas emissions and building a better future.

Thirdly is where you are now, Project BlueSphere. This is where you adopt a climate philosophy, educate yourself, and find local resources to real (not green-washed) sustainable products and services.

Lets be the change, we can only do this together!

This is just have to turn it around and now!


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