Responsible shopping

We are under construction but here are some ideas on shopping responsibly.

We can do this!

please commit and make the best choices possible.

It's not that hard to build good habits and will be 2nd nature in no time.

Your shopping cart is a powerful tool for restoring our climate

Some ideas

Shopping responsibly is so important. If there are 10 olive oil choices, buy glass and boycott the plastic packaging. Write a letter or email to the manufacturer of your favorite products requesting sustainable packaging. Or let us know, we can help with petitions, please feel free to reach out to us any time and about any product!


Buy small (meat, cheese, eggs, milk, bread) from local farmers markets. Look for brands with a social impact mission. When possible, go plastic-free. Take your time and buy with intention. Buy from thrift stores. When buying a gift, consider an experience instead. Always donate, even on the behalf of others. A quick google maps search will reveal local farmers markets. Click on view larger map, select your area for your local farmers markets.

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