What is it we do you ask? Well, we simply offer an opportunity to develop a philosophy where we, as human beings, pave our future path. Project BlueSphere and BlueSphere Social, our social network, are tools where we gather, socialize, educate, and rethink where we are as humanity, and what we aspire to become. We are the bridge in between. We represent a commitment not only to each-other, but the world we all share and call home. As by uniting, making a few good conscious decisions, taking a little personal responsibility, and adding a dash of vision. We not only secure the future, but write the story our children tell their children.

How to proceed?

1. organize

How do we proceed? As a team. That's why we built our own social network with no underlying algorithms or advertising. Just a clean space where we can all communicate, share photos, videos, ideas, join/create the social groups of our choice, and most importantly listen and learn from each other. Here at Project BlueSphere it is imperative that we respect each-others personal views, politically and otherwise. Not only because its the right thing to do, but so we can re-center ourselves, proceed as friends, in order to achieve our common goal of building a better future for our children. We are giving all members of BlueSphere Social moderation privilege's in hopes to build a balanced, positive, and productive network. We are trying to, and will offer a free subscription as long as possible, but please understand with conventional social media, its only “free” and they are happy to pay for all the cloud storage for your videos, pictures, and posts, because you are actually their product as they sell, and use your information against you for profit, not to mention moderating your personal views.

2. Local living

Why is this so important? Because we stopped supporting the middle class by giving our personal wealth to large corporations (depots, marts, and membership clubs), who in return offer a small discount, and employ our communities with non to barley living wages. Personally I miss all the mom & pop butchers, bakers, produce stands, and hardware stores. What we pay for “convince” in the short run wields a much higher price in the long haul. A quick google search will reveal your local farmers markets where you can find fresh produce, cheese, meat, eggs, milk, honey, and much more. By shopping locally we also cut unnecessary transportation emissions and packaging out of the environmental equation. By supporting your neighbors, and not large corporations, you will also be building a stronger and more profitable community, not to mention having access to fresher and healthier foods. I know this takes a little effort, that's the personal responsibility part, but if go out of our way to support your local economy, It will flourish and grow much faster than expected and everybody wins.

3. Future security.

I understand some of you believe the climate crisis is not a factor of human activity. But let me pose a question, what's if your wrong, lets just cover our bases? Just a few decades ago all soda, milk, beer, juice, and water came in glass containers. These containers were returned to the place of purchase where the purchase deposit for these containers was refunded. The store would send this packaging back to the manufacturer for sterilization and reuse when new stock was delivered. Deli meats and cheese where packaged in paper, as well as placed in paper bags. Today we have more sustainable packaging like hemp and bamboo papers that regenerate much more successfully than trees. I know this may seem an impossible task but adopting and implementing some of the old ways into our future is not impossible. This will however take some commitment and boycotting to inspire large corporations to make some better decisions. Project BlueSphere will provide these petitions for you to sign and we will process them accordingly. Obviously greenhouse gas emission is also something we must address.

Project BlueSphere is where we will build educational tools, however We offer a free subscription to BlueSphere Social and will keep this alive as long as possible. Please understand we do not use, sell, or share your personal information in any way, and by doing so have no source of income. We do have server costs . 


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Frequently Asked Questions

BlueSphere Social is free to join. For the moment we are offering it as a full access plan, but please understand that we have to pay for your cloud storage (Pictures, video, and data). At one point we may have to introduce advertising and restricted storage as we do not sell or share your private data.  If you can please choose a paid plan as we do have costs and are actively advertising and building our community and message. 

Each workout should begin with a warm-up. A warm-up should include 5 to 10 minutes of exercise such as walking, slow jogging, knee lifts, arm circles, and/or trunk rotations. 
Warming up is important to help prevent injury. It also helps to maximize benefits from exercise.
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From our membors:

Climate is something we need to address immediately, I'm completely supportive of this concept and willing to put my money where my mouth is to support this endeavor, I have three children, great idea Project BlueSphere.
Dr. Ken Osburn
Totally onboard, love this!!!!
Terry Dennis
I always feel there is just no hope, but if we can address climate as humans in general we can make an enormous change, I'm in.
Egnacio Gilmore