Sustainable living

Living sustainably & locally not only enriches your community financially, but is one of the most powerful tools in fighting greenhouse gas emissions by cutting shipping emissions, unnecessary packaging, and waste.

Living sustainably and locally is just positive on top of positive. Supporting small local business (mom & pop shops) not only builds a strong and prosperous community, but you’ll have access to much fresher and healthier foods. Our team is  is currently building our own global sustainable resource data base which is a massive undertaking, but for now please use google maps to find your local farmers markets, rode-side stands, and local business. Please reconsider giving your money (shopping) to the mega depots, member clubs, and marts. Spread the wealth amongst your neighbors. It might not be as convenient but I guarantee you will consume healthier foods, make friends, and have better connections with your community. Find your local hardware store, butcher, baker, and whatever else you can think of. Saving a few pennies or dollars at the big corporations is just too expensive in the long run, they take too much and in return offer non-living wages. Lets bring the county back to a place we all live the dream, have our own local businesses while reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time. Its just good for all of us. It’s a win/win situation. You just have to take a little time. 

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