Let us help you develop a sustainable living philosophy that you can easily implement into your daily routine with minimal effort. These changes will also greatly increase the quality of your life. making the right decisions is just not that hard.

Please don't leave Project BlueSphere until you understand what our objective is in full. We are not trying to sell you anything or make any political statements. There is only one way we fix our climate crisis, and that's by uniting on a massive scale using simple solutions and taking a little personal responsibility. And we do that right here, right now it's easy, let us show you how how you can do your part with just a few simple steps .

What we need to do :


We have to tackle climate change as humanity itself as our climate issues effect all of us regardless of race, class, or socioeconomic background. We also have to inspire each other, support each other, and stay in contact. This is why we have own social network www.bluespheresocial.com. In this space we must respect everyone's differences and get along in order to achieve the unity necessary to win this battle.

how do we fight

We do this by living locally and consuming sustainable products, while supporting our local farmers for produce, cheese, meat, eggs, milk, honey, and so on. Not only is this better for our environment, it is better for the health of ourselves as well as our families. We must also be responsible with heat trapping gas emissions while living a full, sustainable, and happy lifestyle.

Sustainable packaging only

This may seem an impossible task, but just a few decades ago all soda, milk, beer, juice, water and condiments came in glass containers. Children of the household for the most part returned this packaging back to the shop where is was purchased for a refund. In return they could keep the refund for treats or savings. The shop would send this packaging back to the manufacturer for washing and reuse. Adopting some of the old ways is not impossible. However we will have to do some boycotting to inspire this change. Project BlueSphere will provide these petitions for you to sign and initiate them appropriately.

From our membors:

Climate is something we need to address immediately, I'm completely supportive of this concept and willing to put my money where my mouth is to support this endeavor, I have three children, great idea Project BlueSphere.
Dr. Ken Osburn
Totally onboard, love this!!!!
Terry Dennis
I always feel there is just no hope, but if we can address climate as humans in general we can make an enormous change, I'm in.
Egnacio Gilmore

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